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Is Soothie Pacifiers best for the toddler?

Soothie Pacifiers reviews

Soothie Pacifiers Reviews

Soothie Pacifiers reviews

Pacifiers are one of the most important developmental tools used for babies and infants. Pacifiers help to soothe the child and also provide comfort during times of unrest. Pacifiers are most popularly used during nap time as well as overnight. There are many benefits of pacifiers that ensure proper growth and development in children. The Soothie Pacifier is BPA-free and widely used in hospitals nationwide. The Soothie Pacifier has been top rated by medical professionals to calm infants and babies. The pacifier benefits the child’s orthodontic development. This is very important as certain pacifiers can damage the growth of teeth. The Soothe Pacifier is approved by medical professionals nationwide for the health of infants.

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One of the main benefits of the pacifier is its durability. The pacifier can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher as it is dishwasher safe. This allows the pacifier to be sterilized when needed and therefore makes the process of cleaning easier for parents. The Soothie Pacifier is a top registry gift often given during bridal showers. This is the perfect way to supply your friends and family with the tools they need to help care for their children. The pacifier is best used for children from 0-3 months. During this time period babies are developing important skills they need for proper brain development and function. Therefore it is important to supply them with all the tools they need to help grow and develop into strong and healthy adults.

Wemomslife.com features helpful and healthy tips needed to raise children. This is one of the best ways to ensure you are prepared with the best tools and gear to help your little ones grow up. The Soothe Pacifier is one of the best tools for helping to calm your child. The pacifier is perfect for travel as it can be easily stored in a bag or backpack. The pacifier is lightweight and easy to clean. The BPA-free design ensures your child is not exposed to harmful chemicals during the crucial developmental phase. Many babies enjoy using a pacifier during nap times and overnight. The sensation of the pacifier helps to calm and ease them. This is very important for parents who are experiencing unrest in children. The pacifier can help this process and allow for ease and comfort.

The pacifier comes in a range of different colors. They include green, pink, purple and blue. This gives parents the choice to select which colors best suits their baby. The pacifiers also come in a pack of two. This is very important as they can be lost in day to day activities. This also allows parents to store one of the pacifiers in a travel bag while the other is used at home. By providing two pacifiers, parents do not have to worry about loosing one. The pacifier should be cleaned just prior to use and should be sterilized as needed. It is durable enough to hold up to the dishwasher, therefore making daily cleaning easy and simple.

Capelli New York Jelly Rain Boots

Capelli New York Jelly Rain Boots
Capelli New York Jelly Rain Boots


Do you hate getting wet feet after walking in rain? Well, probably you need to change your fabric shoes to a pair of waterproof footwear that will allow not a single drop of rainwater get through. While you are thinking of what kind of shoes to choose, we already know what you need. Capelli New York Jelly Rain Boots are the best choice when it comes to a walk in rainy time. Of course, you will hardly find them at a fashion week presentation, but the most important still remains that you will forget about wet socks and an eventual trench foot aggravation. The boots serve the main purpose of protecting the feet from rainwater, by creating a reliable barrier that stops any attempt of water to get through. To fulfill this objective, the boots are made to be rather extremely functional than extremely attractive. Still, you will find jelly rain boots with exclusive prints and other fashionable additions that will allow you look elegant and stylish.

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Capelli New York Jelly Rain Boots are made of durable rubber that provides absolute resistance to water, allowing you to have always dry and warm feet. Rubber is a material that does not absorb liquid, comparing to textile and fabrics that absorb water, making your feet wet in rainy conditions. The connection between the shoe and the outsole is durably sealed, so no water can find its way through it. The outsole is also made of high-quality rubber, providing balance and stability to your feet and preventing them from slipping on wet surface. The insole is cosy and protects the sole of the foot, having a padded surface that cushions shocks. When it comes to lining, comfort also takes the center stage. The lining of these boots is designed to provide maximum comfort for the feet and calf while walking. The upper part of the boot is made to allow easy adjustment to the size of the calf. You can adjust the needed size using the buckle and the gusset that are easy to handle and also serve as a fashionable accessory that add to the aesthetics of the shoes. Thus you make sure that your calf will not get squeezed and trigger pain and discomfort while moving. But also you can prevent too much opening which can help water get in.

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The back pull loop will help you put the boots on and the take them off easily. Besides delivering protection for your feet in rainy days, the jelly boots have also a beauty appeal that allow you wear them not only in case of a rain emergency, but on many other occasions. The boots boast a variety of stylish prints that can be matched with many outfits, including floral prints, leopard, circles, zig zag, daisies, and marbles. A pair of boots with a silver glitter and a floral pattern will be definitely a nice pick for an autumn stroll.

Where to buy?

If you are interested in these wonderful boots, don’t hesitate to click on this link to get more related products.

InStep Double Bicycle Trailer: How to Use & Complete Review

InStep Double Bicycle Trailer

A Complete Guide to the InStep Take 2 Double Bicycle Trailer

InStep Double Bicycle Trailer

The InStep Bicycle Trailer is the easiest way to transport children while riding a bicycle. The InStep Double Trailer features two children seats with total weight amounting to 80lbs. The frame of the trailer is foldable with quick release wheels. This makes set up easy and convenient. The trailer can be easily folded when not in use to help maximize space in storage areas. The trailer can be easily attached to most standard bicycles. The trailer features a bug-shield screen that can be used even in windy conditions. The tires of the trailer are 16 inches with unique molded rims. The trailer can be used all year round as long as weather permits.

The InStep is constructed of sturdy material to ensure it properly latches on to the bicycle. Children can enjoy the ride while they are pulled along safely and securely. This is also the perfect way for parents to exercise while bringing their little ones along for the ride. The trailer helps to make the ride smooth and enjoyable for your little passengers. It is versatile and convenient. The bug-shield screen helps to keep bugs out and offers wind protection. The InStep Bicycle Trailer is the best way to help your children have fun outdoors. The bicycle trailer also helps parents to bond outdoors with their children while enjoying a bicycle ride. Without a bicycle trailer, transporting children would be very difficult as a front carrier can not be worn while riding a bicycle. The InStep allows parents to bring their little ones along for the ride in a simple and convenient way.

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Credit Goes to: Amazon.com – Instep 2 Double Bicycle Trailer

Wemomslife.com is a complete guide site for helping you to find the best tools and tips when raising your children. From the newest and best gear to informative tips, they have you covered. They are committed to helping you find the best products to implement in your day to day life. The InStep Double Bicycle Trailer is also perfect for moms and dads who have two young children close in age. Often time when two children are very close in age, both of them want to do activities together. With the Double Bicycle Trailer, simply place both children in the back of the trailer while you ride the bicycle. As stated previously, two children can fit in the trailer safely under 80 total pounds. Young children will enjoy the ride and be able to spend time with each other.

Another benefit of the InStep Double Bicycle Trailer is its versatility. The trailer can be easily compacted for travel. One of the main uses of the trailer is for traveling purposes. Many parents have reviewed the product and commented on its unique ability to enhance bike travel. The product helps to make children transport easy as front carriers can be difficult to wear while riding a bicycle safely. Many parents have loved the quality of the product and recommend it for active parents and families.

Stearns Puddle Jumper Jacket: Details & Review

Stearns Original Puddle Jumper Kids Life Jacket

Stearns Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket Review

Stearns Original Puddle Jumper Kids Life Jacket

Life jackets are extremely important for little ones while they are learning to swim. When children are very young they do not have the ability to swim without being properly taught. Before a child is taught how to swim and keep themselves afloat by treading water, a life jacket should be worn at all times in water. This is a very important safety measure. The Stearns Puddle Jumper Life Jacket is the perfect way to familiarize children with water while keeping them safe. It is important for children to enjoy pools and boats. The life jacket acts as a preventative measure to ensure the child is kept afloat.

The jacket features a durable nylon shell constructed of high quality nylon for daily use. The jacket also features an adjustable buckle that allows custom fit to snuggly fit any child weighing from 30-50 pounds. The jacket is certified by the US Coast Guard for effectiveness. The Puddle Jumper Jacket has a bright and colorful pattern with multiple kid-friendly sea animals featured on the front. This is the perfect way to introduce your child to the water. The jacket is easy to snap on and off for continued use. When children are first learning how to swim, they must feel comfortable enough to get into the water. When wearing a life jacket, children are kept safe and can rely upon the jacket in the event they are not yet ready to swim.

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Credit goes to: Amazon.com - Stearns Original Puddle Jumper Kids Life Jacket

As previously mentioned, the life jacket is certified by the US Coast Guard. This is very important as many life jackets on the market do not have this certification. In the event the jacket is needed to keep your child afloat, they will be safe and secure. The jacket is best for children 50 pounds and under. The material is sturdy and easy to clean when needed. The snap closure makes it easy to remove and put on your child. The jacket features small arm holes for your child to receive coverage on both their arms as well as chest. This provides another level of protection as they are in the water. By ensuring both their arms and chest are covered, they are improving their ability to float. This is a perfect introduction for helping them swim later on.

Wemomslife.com understands the importance of helping children grow and develop into healthy and happy adults. This process starts during their childhood and adolescent years. Therefore in order to ensure proper development, moms and dads must care for their children in all their needs and endeavors. Helping children to feel safe and comfortable in new situations is the goal of all parents. Swimming and exposure to water can often be a fear amongst many children, however with the right tools and gear, it can be fun and enjoyable. Many children learn to love the pool and lake. The Puddle Jumper life jacket ensures your child will be safe and secure while enjoying their time in the water.

Little Tikes First Slide: Complete Guide & Review


Official Little Tikes First Slide Review

Looking for the perfect outside toy for your little one? Little Tikes First Slide is the perfect addition to your backyard. The slide features both indoor and outdoor use for versatility. The slide is easy to set up and does not require any tools for assembly. This is the perfect way to help your little one experience new activities! The age range for the slide varies from as young as 18 months to 6 years. The slide can be used for many years to come and is perfect for moms with more than one child. The slide folds conveniently in half for easy storage when not in use. The slide comes in two color combinations including red/ blue and green/ blue.

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Slides are one of the best ways to help your child become familiar with new activities. For example, when children visit a playground, they often encounter big slides and playground equipment. This is the perfect way to introduce them to the activity. Starting them off small while they are young will help them to feel more comfortable as they get older. The slide is small enough to fit indoors but also versatile enough to be used in the backyard. The slide is constructed from sturdy plastic that can be easily cleaned and wiped down when needed. Slides often get dirty especially if they are used outside. This is perfect way to ensure your little one has fun while learning an important new skill for physical development.

Video Credits: Amazon.com – Little Tikes First Slide

As stated previously, the slide does not require any tools for set up. This is perfect for busy moms and families that do not have time to assemble complicated toys. Simply unbox the slide and snap the back ladder in place with the front slide. They are two separate pieces that snap together in order to create a sturdy platform for use. One of the main benefits of the Little Tikes First Slide is its convenience. The slide can easily be placed in a closet or storage area when not in use. The slide is lightweight, therefore transport is hassle-free.

Wemomslife.com features the best products for helping your little ones to grow and develop. They feature the highest quality baby and toddler gear in order to help make your day to day life easier. These products help moms and families to ensure their children have access to the best tools for growth and development. The Little Tikes First Slide helps children to play, which is a critical part of proper brain development in the early stages. Children should be encouraged to try new things and become familiar with common playground equipment. Starting at home with a simple slide is the best way to help them try new activities in the comfort, safety and privacy of their own home. The slide is perfect for indoor use all year round and outdoor use when the weather permits. The goal is to help children develop and grow into strong and healthy adults.



I achieved motherhood thanks to my stubbornness: when I turned forty, I could hear my biological clock ticking away and I did not stop until I become a mother. At that time I was an independent, optimistic woman, enjoying life to the full. That’s why maybe I still felt young and immature. However, the new decade made me rethink the future: “what do you want to do with the rest of your life, grasshopper?“. It felt like having an epiphany, where I realized that I didn’t want to miss the experience of being a mother in my life. The challenge was how, because my partner then did not want to and I was running out of time. I had to drop ballast to find my way, so I broke up with my boyfriend and started searching the right assisted reproduction center. Once I found it, I went through a thorough examination and the doctor determined that I wasn’t that bad for my age. Even so, the possibilities were ten percent with AID (artificial insemination by donor).

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I approached the first attempt full of hope. It would be a slight puncture to release those little soldiers directly on the battlefield. After two weeks I found out the result of the mission: insemination failed. Disappointed, but with an unusual determination, I decided to keep on the fight. Second attempt, third, fourth. Nothing. In my life I’ve always needed to feel the ground under my feet to take a step forward, and now I was halfway walking on a cable suspended between two posts. A tightrope walker about to jump into the net and give up her spirit.

I went through a nightmare and I needed to stop and reconsider if it was worth the emotional wear. Pursuing a dream was affecting my mental stability, even though I wasn’t under any hormonal treatment yet. The only clear thought I had was that in the future I didn’t want to regret not having done everything possible with all the means within my reach. I should try one last time. It was going to be through a more aggressive yet more effective procedure: IVF (in vitro fertilization). The aim now was to produce as many eggs as possible, without damaging my excited ovaries, in order to retrieve and fertilize them in a laboratory. It was hard not to obsess over the goal when the hormonal injections and pills constantly reminded me the undertaking I had embarked on. The retrieval resulted in thirteen eggs, of which only  eight were ready to be fertilized. In the end just three of these embryos made it to blasts after five days, which meant that the cell division succeeded and they were mature enough for transfer. I chose to have only two transferred, as I didn’t want to risk having a large family. The uncertainty lasted two weeks until a blood test put an end to the anguish.

I remember having the worst time while waiting for the results. I was alone in the waiting room of the assisted reproduction clinic, feeling nervous and worried and yet in the hope that everything would go well at last. My sister, who had been beside me all the way holding my hand in each cycle, called and asked to accompany me, just as she had read my mind. She arrived in time to receive the good news. Hurray! The count of beta hormones was so high that there was no doubt of pregnancy. So much that it could be two fetuses 😳. I was so excited with the news at that time, I could not think of being mother of twins. A week later I had the first ultrasound and I clearly heard the heartbeat of a single baby, my baby. The real adventure was about to start.

Healing and Acceptance

healing and acceptance

Tonight while I was sitting at a roadside “restaurant” in small town China, I found myself pondering how I came to be where I am right now. A solo mother of 51 years of age, two of my four kids in tow and I couldn’t help smiling and thinking how lucky I am.

This is not the first time I have been to China. After the breakup of a violent marriage, I decided that I was going to get out and explore the world. I had 3 kids at the time but my two eldest wanted to stay with their grandparents, so it was myself and a 1 year old baby, boarding the flight to Northeastern China and not knowing what to expect. All I knew was that I was going to teach at a university in a place I had never heard of.

When we got off the plane it actually hit me what I had done.  My 1 year old baby was totally dependent on me and here I was among thousands of shouting people with no way of communicating . I was struck by the thought that I had quite possibly gone mad.

The first month was hard, the culture shock was intense. Everything was just so different and the hygiene standards were not what I was used to and using a squat toilet was something that traumatized me every time! This changed soon enough as I had no choice but to just “get on with it”. I grew to love most things about the culture and learned not to ask what I was eating and generally it was amazing. By opening my heart to the people and the country I learned to adapt and totally embrace my new life here.

I needn’t have worried about my daughter, people fawned over her constantly and by the time we left her native language was Mandarin – I used to have to get a friend to translate what she was saying!

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My contract was signed for a year and then my plan was to go back home, it wasn’t meant to be a permanent move, but somehow  China got under my skin . The friends I had were such beautiful human beings that I had grown to love and depend on and never knowing what each day would bring, the only thing I was sure of is that it would be a whole new adventure, made it such a precious time. It wasn’t all rosy – there were many difficult and frustrating times, but that just added to the whole experience. I had never felt so alive as I did during this time.

I ended up staying in Asia for five wonderfully frustrating years and only returned back home – New Zealand – in 2007.

That was back in 2002. Fast forward to today and here I am again, albeit in a different province. This time though, I have two kids with me, my 13 year old son and 16 year old daughter. By April 2014 things were difficult again, another broken marriage and few job prospects or housing opportunities; returning to China felt like the right thing to do.

Thanks to my wonderful, loving parents – who passed away within 18 hours of each other in 2016 – I was able to return to China, where I knew that there would be a job for me as well as reasonably comfortable housing. The first 24 months was spent in a city that I probably would not go back to. We stayed there due to the kids having friends and me wanting stability for them.

The decision was made to move because we all ended up not being as happy as we should have been – an attempted kidnapping of my then 14 year old daughter didn’t add to the city’s’ allure either. We moved on to a small town in Sichuan Province, and it is truly a magical spot. We have settled in perfectly and being school holidays, have had chance to get out and explore our city and it’s stunning surroundings.

Many women are quite anxious about taking the plunge and heading off into the unknown. I believe that it is something that every woman should do at least once in their life as it can be the most interesting, frustrating and often healing experience there is.

I never thought that after 8 long hours at a police station, arguing with a non English speaking office over visa issues, I would come out stronger and end up feeling like I had won a gold medal at the Olympics. Since that day I have realized that I can do anything!

Knowing when to go abroad – whether temporarily or permanently – can be a mix of conscious and subconscious things. Here are a few things that may make you realize it is time to make a fresh start.

You Need To Heal


Going abroad can be such a hugely healing experience. Needing time to think and work through your thoughts after a major life event is something we all need to do. Going overseas gives you a completely fresh new outlook away from the grind of everyday life. Being away from everything familiar gives you an opportunity to look at your circumstances from a totally different perspective.

You Crave Adventure

The crushing tedium of every day life or when you have been through a breakup or divorce for example, you can be left feeling utterly deflated , emotionally and physically. You may feel that you have been missing out on something or just finding yourself needing adventure. This does not necessarily mean whitewater rafting or skydiving but getting out of your comfort zone.

 Going to a foreign country is definitely an adventure. Finding yourself in a strange place and dealing with culture shock, language barriers, new surroundings, different people is an adventure in itself and should be enjoyed. 

You Need to Have No Regrets

One day you realize that you haven’t done any of those things you dreamed of when you were younger; backpacking through South America, sipping coffee a French café or hiring a car and just driving through New Zealand. When you feel like you want to live your life to the fullest and have no regrets, it is time to make the move and head off overseas.

More To Life Than Money

We seem to spend all our time making sure that we have money for this and money for that while not gaining anything meaningful. Deciding that there is more to life than money is actually very empowering, and deciding to head off – whether it be for a year volunteering at a school in Tanzania or taking your dream holiday will change your whole outlook on life. Seeing the way other people live helps you to see that there are so many people worse off than us who manage on so much less.

Time For A Change

When you find yourself spending more time daydreaming about drinking wine in a Tuscan villa than you do thinking about real life, it is time to go! You may just need to get away from it all, not for any reason in particular, just an inexplicable urge to get up and go. It may be just for a short while or a more permanent move but either way you will feel much happier and fulfilled as a result.

Travelling will make you stronger mentally, it will open your eyes to things of such beauty that they take your breath away and give you time to reflect on where you are now and what you want out of life.

On my travels I have struggled with incredible language barriers, come up against unbelievable bureaucracy, gave birth to a very sick baby in central China and got food poisoning so bad that I honestly believed that I was dying.

Despite all of this, I would not change a thing. The wonderful – and some not so wonderful people – I have met, the different food that I have eaten, the wonderful students who I have seen grow so much and the mind-boggling sights and scenery that I have seen have made my life so much better.