5 Best Hairbrush For Babies and Toddlers

Looking for the best hairbrush for your little one? Sometimes the tiniest thing as this could give you the toughest parenting goals! A carefully selected brush will let you detangle your baby’s tender hair with a painless experience every time. It will not only keep the sensitive skin on his scalp healthy but save it from all possible scars and tears. But the fact is, the majority of young parents don’t even know why to use hairbrush for toddlers! Fret not, this article has got you covered with the 6 most tried and tested baby hair brushes. You can now say goodbye to even the most stubborn tangles with ease.



Did you know hair grows really fast for young kids? Choosing a delicate hairbrush is, therefore, extremely crucial to keep your tot’s hair smooth and growing. A soft and regular brush can boost his blood circulation and even lullaby him to a sound sleep!


Best Hair Brush For Babies and Toddlers



So, let’s not waffle, anymore and look inside each of the bestsellers put together here exclusively for you.

#1. Natemia Quality Wooden Hair Brush For Newborns and Toddlers:

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 Crafted with all-natural beech wood and premium grade goat hair bristles, this hypoallergenic hair essential is one of the best baby hair brush available in the market now. This piece is gentle, durable and affordable. While the soft bristles will provide your toddler with a safe and no-tear experience, regular brushing or massaging will keep him relaxed.


Also, if your munchkin has a headful of fine hair and an extra sensitive skin, this hairbrush is your best-go-to solution. It neither pulls the strands nor leaves the tiniest of scratches on the soft scalp.


This instrument is perfectly sized and comes in really handy if you want to remove your child’s hair flakes easily, spread the natural oils through his strands and keep his mane growing and lustrous.


Guess what, this product will ship to you in packaging almost as cute as your toddler!

  • Stimulates blood circulation

  • Reduces cradle cap and keep the scalp healthy

  • Non-static

  • Long-lasting bristles

  • No crack, bend or break

  • High-quality natural materials

  • Extra soft and gentle for sensitive skins

  • No plastic pieces and no choking hazard

  • Genuine goat hair brush might not be suitable for vegan parents.

  • A toddler might need a stronger piece

  • Not suitable for children with allergic constitution

#2. OCCObaby 3-Piece Wooden Baby Hairbrush and Comb Set:

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This incredible soft assortment of baby hair essentials is everything that a young parent needs for grooming their newborns or toddlers. This beautiful wooden package has inside a hairbrush with thick goat hair bristles, a second brush with wooden bristles, and a wooden comb.

The first brush is an excellent hair conditioner as it will smoothly run through your tot’s hair locks and distributes the natural oils. It’s extremely gentle on the soft parts of your baby’s head. 

The second brush is a wonderful detangler for a toddler’s long mane. Its solid wooden bristles have a stimulating and calming effect on the scalp. It helps increase blood flow and promote hair growth. 

The last piece is the comb, a subtle solution for even the tiniest tangles. You can use it to section your baby’s hair into parts or up-DOS.

Great for your little one to stay in style!

The best part is, all the 3-pieces are made of 100% natural goat hair and hypoallergenic materials, and therefore absolutely make the best hairbrush for toddlers and babies


  • Promotes blood flow and new hair

  • Removes cradle cap

  • Very gentle on the sensitive baby spots

  • Non-static and sturdy

  • Easy-to-clean

  • Won’t crack after washes

  • Made with all-natural beech wood and goat hair

  • 100% natural goat hair bristles and hypoallergenic material

  • No VOCs or formaldehyde-releasing glues

  • Beautiful and colorful packaging makes it a perfect gift item

  • 100% natural goat hair product might not be good for the vegetarian parents

  • Bristles do shed at times

  • Soft brush might not help exfoliate the dead cells

  • Not for children with allergic constitution

#3. The Joyful Baby 4-Pack Wooden Hair Brush and Comb Set with a Wooden Toy:

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This beautiful hair kit is everything where cuteness meets the most practical infant care needs. This 4-in-1 grooming set contains one of the best baby hair brush made of wood and all-natural goat hair bristles, a wooden bristles brush, a comb, and a wooden toy to give you a more quality bonding with your little one.

While each brush is made of genuine Beechwood, they offer a unique pattern and shade.

Come to the first brush, its goat hair bristles are extremely delicate on the soft skin of a newborn. It can remove the dead cell build-up on your tot’s scalp if used regularly.

The second wooden bristles brush is anti-static and super flexible. It does not pull hair an inch and stimulate hair nutrients in the follicles naturally with a soothing, massaging effect. It’s great to keep your little one relaxed and shining with healthy hair.

The last piece is the anti-static maple wood comb. Its soft teeth can perfectly detangle even the most unruly hair.

Did I tell you about the non-toxic fun piece? A sensory Maraca toy comes equally cute to keep your baby busy with some valuable sensory and motor skills, and you fuss-free.

  • Made from the original goat hair bristles and natural wood
  • Anti-static and super flexible brush with Ergonomic design
  • One-in-all grooming kit
  • Easy-to-use and wash
  • The non-toxic toy promotes the essential early skills and comforts teething
  • Goat bristles made hairbrush might not be the right fit for the vegan and vegetarian parents

  • Wooden bristles might become fragile over a long use


#4. Babylinos 4-Piece Natural Baby Hair Brush Set with Baby Brush:

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This 4 piece grooming kit contains the best hairbrush for toddlers. The other accessories are also just perfect for the newborn’s sensitive skin. Each one is made from natural wood and extra soft bristles and is, therefore, safe for regular use.

The super soft and rounded bristles of the first brush are made of high-quality goat hair. It’s extremely gentle and lets you detangle your baby’s hair without hurting the tender spots.

The second wood bristles hair brush is a perfect organic detangler. It can style, massage and stimulate your tot’s hair.

There is also a wooden comb made of goat hair bristles, perfectly sized for your kid’s after-bath grooming. The thick bamboo teeth can set both straight and curly hair with ease.

Lastly, the ultra-soft silicone scrubber is great for pampering your baby with a relaxing massage. It can both detangle and moisturize your child’s hair. You can also use this to scrub and exfoliate the dead skin cells from his wet hair.

In short, this kit is a must-have for your little one if you want the safest grooming kit for a regular hair care routine.

  • Made of eco-friendly and premium wood and goat hair
  • Rounded, soft and high-quality bristles smoothen matted hair easily
  • Helps remove the cradle cap gently and increase blood circulation
  • Available in three vibrant colors
  • Complete grooming set for both girls and boys
  • Money back guarantee with a full refund
  • Might cause allergic reactions
  • Bristles might shed over a long-term use



#5. Summer Infant Brush and Comb:

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Carefully designed to detangle and style different types of hair, this two-piece grooming kit is one of the best baby hair brush sets in an attractive gender-neutral mint shade. The extra soft and rounded bristles of the brush, work smoothly on the fine hair while the sliding teeth of the comb can detangle both curly or matted hair without making the slightest discomfort.

Both of the accessories are ergonomically designed to offer you a great grip while applying on your little one’s gentle skin. The small size ensures that you can use them on the go and as often as you need.

What’s more, this adorable pack of two deliver highly in terms of bang for your buck and they are even recommended by the paediatricians worldwide.

  • Unisex grooming kit for toddlers of all ages

  • Travel-friendly

  • Low price

  • Approved by pediatricians

  • Great control

  • Great for both setting and massaging hair

  • Might not be good for babies with very soft hair

  • Plastic made brush might not suit a very young infant

  • Might have allergic reactions

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