Best Toothpastes for Toddlers – 10 Non-Toxic Choices

Picking up the best toothpastes for toddlers can be quite a hassle especially when you have a large number of products to select from. Technically, baby toothpastes that are safe for your young one entail essential aspects like low-fluoride, zero toxicity, good immunotoxicity and zero-allergens. Since there are so many products out there, each with its own particular features, it may take some heady thought work selecting the most natural, healthy and effective toothpaste solution for your baby. We have gathered Amazon’s 10 best toothpastes for toddlers ranked from ‘wow’ to ‘alright’ with a highlight on pros and cons to make the selection task easier. Take a look:

Best Toothpastes for Toddlers 2018

Below is the table which displays top 10 best toothpastes for toddlers. Each product is picked by our experts:
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Tom’s of Maine Fluoride-Free Natural Toothpaste – Fluoride-Free BestSeller

With an Amazon ranking of over 4.1, this is one of the best toothpastes for toddlers. The product is a truly safe and healthy option from Tom’s of Maine, a popular brand that manufactures natural dentifrice. The Natural Toddler Toothpaste from this brand is great for the baby’s gums and teeth as it is a fluoride free version that strengthens teeth and cleanse them thoroughly without exposing them to harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients found in regular toothpaste.

The fluoride-free formula makes use of silica and calcium to gently clear away any build up from the toddler’s teeth and comes equipped with a yummy fruity flavor that kids are likely to adore. Since it has no added preservatives or artificial sweeteners like fragrances, dyes, additives and flavors, it’s a slap-up for parents searching for a natural and harmless toothpaste for their baby. Additionally, the fluoride-free product by Tom’s of Maine is halal and kosher certified apart from being cruelty-free and gluten-free.However, it’s a little expensive and lacks a zippy design compared to other best toothpastes for toddlers like Spread Heads and Crest Toothpaste.

  • Makes use of calcium and silica to gently clean the teeth
  • Available in delicious real fruit flavors the kids love
  • Fluoride-free formula that’s a healthy blend of Fragaria vesca, strawberry juice and other natural flavors
  • Does not include any artificial dyes, sweeteners or flavors
  • Halal and kosher-certified, Gluten-free and cruelty-free
  • Lacks a colorful and zippy tooth cap and container design
  • A little expensive compared to other best toothpastes for toddlers

Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste Fluoride Free – Earth’s Best Winning Formula

The Jack N’ Jill Fluoride Free Natural Toothpaste is a brilliant dentifrice by Earth’s Best, another famous brand that crafts natural products. Best for toddlers, this toothpaste has a luscious all natural strawberry flavor that is an instant hit with kids along with the essential calcium lactate providing comprehensive cleansing to the teeth. The healthy formula is fluoride-free so parents don’t have to fret about any swallow-down-throat from the kid’s end. The product rich in Xylitol has an Amazon rating of over 4 and is a great option for kids aged between 6 and 36 months.One of the best toothpastes for toddlers, it is rich in Xylitol, Organic Calendula, and natural ingredients including delicious fruity flavorings that enable gentle purging of the baby’s gums and teeth. Additionally, the product is sugar-free, SLS free, color free and has no added preservatives.

  • Contains Xylitol that is great for oral hygiene
  • Fluoride Free, Color Free, BPA Free, Sugar Free and SLS Free with no Preservatives
  • Has a safety seal and a nice design that offers easy-open through the Flip Top Cap
  • One of the best toothpastes for toddlers that is apt for kids aged between 6-36 months
  • Available in certified Organic Strawberry flavor
  • Some parents believe it doesn’t clean the teeth well

GUM Crayola Squeeze A-Color Toothpaste – Amazon’s Best Fruity Option

Rated over 4 on Amazon, this 3 Pack GUM Crayola Toothpaste is available in three individual flavorings and hues packed in boxes of 4.5oz each. Parents have an option to select from the Jazzy Apple, Juicy Melon and Blueberry Bla flavors according to the kid’s liking. The product has a snazzy design with a tiny nozzle cap that makes squeezing out the right amount dentifrice easy without creating a mess.   Children aged up to 2 years can easily use the safe product for a gentle cleansing experience; it is fun, healthy and interesting. Kids can actually play mix & match with the three colored tubes in different flavors to enhance their oral health and turn it into a fun activity.

The product is however a little expensive compared to other best toothpastes for toddlers such as Jack & Jill and Children’s Zinc Plus.

  • 3 Yummy colors & flavors; Melon Blast (Red), Blueberry Burst (Blue), Jazzy Apple (Green)
  • Nice design that promotes easy and fun oral care
  • Apt for kids up to 2
  • The actual size of each tube is pretty small, but you get 3 in a box so it works out

Elmex Children’s Toothpaste 3 x 50ml – Expensive but Healthy

One of the most expensive on the list, Elmex Children’s Toothpaste 3 x 50ml has an Amazon rating of over 3, yet offers a safe and healthy oral care option for all the toddlers. The 3 x 50ml tube has strong ingredients that keep the gums and teeth clean and salubrious by preventing diseases like cavities and dental caries in the deciduous dentition that is common amongst kids. Parents can use this option to infuse proper oral care practices amongst their children, especially when they are young.The product contains no preservatives or additives like dyes and fragrances, which is great for dental care, but it is an expensive toothpaste, especially when we have affordable options like Spread Heads Toothpaste and Babyganics around that are one of the best toothpastes for toddlers.

  • Prevents dental caries in the deciduous dentition
  • Keeps the milk teeth healthy and properly cleaned
  • Promotes developing a proper oral care routine at a young age
  • Quite expensive compared to other best toothpastes for toddlers

Babyganics Say Aahhh! Fluoride Free Toothpaste -Amazon’s Inexpensive Bestseller

The Babyganics Say Aahhh! Fluoride Free Toothpaste is available in a nice strawberry flavor that makes the tooth cleaning process yummy and safe. A great fluoride-free product that contains no sulfates, parabens, gluten or artificial colors! It also doesn’t have any plant-based ingredients, dyes, additives or saccharin making it safe for swallowing, however, you wouldn’t want your kid to develop that habit. One of the best toothpastes for toddlers the formula contains vital ingredients and zero toxicity that helps fight plague and other gum diseases allowing for a pearly white look for your toddler’s teeth.

  • One of the best toothpastes for toddlers that is inexpensive with a yummy strawberry flavor
  • No added preservatives or sulfates, parabens, gluten or artificial colors
  • Fluoride-free product that helps prevent plague
  • Lacks a vibrant design that promotes fun-filled oral care

Children’s Zinc Plus Herbal Toothpaste – Great Healthy Formula

With an Amazon rating of over 4, the Children’s Zinc Plus Herbal Toothpaste contains useful ingredients that prevent oral diseases like cavities and dental caries. The formula is concocted using Folic Acid, Clove, Myrrh usually found in most mouthwashes, Zinc and additives to create a flavorful yet healthy toothpaste for all kids. The Xylitol helps fight against cavities while the natural juicy orange flavor adds to the fruity appeal of the dentifrice. The product uses .01% of Zinc by weight and this helps cleanse the teeth and gums thoroughly. The toothpaste does not contain any artificial sweeteners, additives, fragrances, dyes, fluoride or SLS making it ultra-safe for kids.The product comes packed in a yummy orange flavor that the kids will love, however, it lacks an attractive design with fun accessories that encourage kids to adopt oral hygiene as a regular practice.

With added beneficial effects of Zinc, Children’s Zinc Plus Herbal Toothpaste is a nice option if you’re looking for one of the best toothpastes for toddlers that’s healthy and safe on a stringent budget.

  • It does not contain Sugar, Fluoride, Aspartame, SLS, Saccharin or fragrances
  • A low-abrasive formula that is rich in Xylitol & natural orange flavors
  • Contains olive oil that is good for oral health
    Xylitol helps fight disease like cavities and dental caries
  • Nice inexpensive option for cleaning your toddler’s teeth that is both safe and healthy
  • Lacks a vibrant toothpaste design that helps attract kids and encourages oral care as a regular routine

Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste – Amazon’s Most Natural & Affordable Option

Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste is another fine product for dental care by the well-known brand, Earth’s Best. The natural toothpaste is fluoride free and rich in key ingredients like Xylitol that promote oral hygiene and help keep the kid’s gums and teeth strong and disease-free. The toothpaste contains the pivotal calcium lactate that ensures thorough purging and can be used by kids aged between 6 months and 3 years. Parents don’t have to fuss over their kids swallowing the dentifrice, as it does not contain any toxic chemicals or fluoride. The natural flavor allows kids to take up tooth-brushing as a regular practice and helps keep caries and plaque away.Some kids like the taste of Raspberry than Banana and vice versa. Therefore, I recommend you either buy all the flavors or buy those your kid is likely to adopt willingly.

  • Contains vital Xylitol to fight dental disease
  • Most natural and affordable option among the best toothpastes for toddlers
  • Fluoride Free, Sugar Free, Color Free, SLS Free with no Preservatives
  • Available in five flavors including Raspberry, Banana, Strawberry, Blackcurrant and Organic Natural Blueberry
  • Kids have issues with taste and like one taste better than the other
  • No fun accessories for kids or ease of squeeze-outs

Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste – Wicked Cool – Fluoride – Kids – Mild Mint- A Creative And Healthy Product

Tom’s of Maine has been creating some of the most creative and exciting products for oral care for a long time. Their products feature ingenuity and aesthetics built into great functionality and reliable product design. The Toothpaste Wicked Cool – Fluoride – Kids – Mild Mint is a safe and healthy oral hygiene product suitable for all kids up to 2. It comes with a fun design cover that is colorful and zippy, encouraging kids to brush their teeth regularly. Another great feature of this awesome dentifrice is that the toothpaste comes in a mild mint flavor that is yummy and adored by kids.The product is a little expensive compared to other best toothpastes for toddlers such as Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste-and Babyganics. However, be mindful there are 6 packs and I highly recommend this to big families having lots of children. On the other hand, I do not recommend this for children under 2 years of age.

  • Creative design cover and yummy mint flavor encourage kids to brush their teeth
    The product includes vital elements that ensure oral hygiene
  • Wheat free and Yeast free
  • Colorful toothpaste cover makes brushing fun
  • It also contains some amount of fluoride

Crest Kids Toothpaste – Sparkle Fun (pack Of 72) – Expensive Travel-size Toothpaste

The Crest Kids Toothpaste – Sparkle Fun toothpaste comes in a pack of 72 containing the essential xylitol that provides protection against oral diseases keeping your kid’s teeth shiny and healthy. An unboxed version is available for those looking to save some money, however, the pack of 72 is costly. An expensive option amongst the best toothpastes for toddlers, it is high on creativity and includes a dentifrice that is specially crafted to motivate them to use it every day for tooth cleaning.The 0.85 oz travel size toothpaste tube can be easily packed for use on trips, as the design promotes easy portability. The fluoride anti-cavity toothpaste provides strong resistance against the harmful cavities improving your kid’s oral health.

  • One of the best toothpastes for toddlers, its boxed version contains 0.85 oz travel size toothpaste tube specially designed to add sparkling fun for kids
  • Fluoride anticavity toothpaste that prevents oral diseasee
  • Unboxed version available for extra savings
  • It’s really expensive costing around $71.00 for a pack

Just Right Children’s Toothpaste (Berry Blast) – Fun Packed, Creative & Affordable Option

The Just Right Children’s Toothpate – Berry Blast is a fluoride based toothpaste that comes with an aesthetically pleasing design for kids. It dispenses only a meager (0.25 grams) amount of fluoride every time you pump it. You don’t have to worry about giving your children the right amount of fluoride each time they brush.

The snazzy design is a great addition to the product compelling kids to enjoy oral care as a fun activity. The toothpaste by Just Right Children is amongst the best toothpastes for toddlers. I do not recommend it for first time users though because of its fluoride content.

  • Safe and healthy with no additives like sugar and fragrances
  • Has a cool design that lures kids into brushing their teeth
    The cool product comes with two toothbrushes
  • It helps protect the gums and teeth
    Contains great Berry Blast flavor that kids love
  • Offers Cavity Protection
  • It contains a little fluoride which might not be good for first time users
All the products we mentioned above are best quality toothpastes and we really did not find any considerable complaints from users. Some users did complain about the bad flavor but we believe that’s a personal preference. Pick the one that best suit your toddler’s taste and comes under your budget.

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