Capelli New York Jelly Rain Boots


Do you hate getting wet feet after walking in rain? Well, probably you need to change your fabric shoes to a pair of waterproof footwear that will allow not a single drop of rainwater to get through. While you are thinking of what kind of shoes to choose from, we already know what you need. Capelli New York Jelly Rain Boots are the best choice when it comes to a walk in a rainy time. Of course, you will hardly find them at a fashion week presentation, but the most important still remains that you will forget about wet socks and an eventual trench foot aggravation. The boots serve the main purpose of protecting the feet from rainwater, by creating a reliable barrier that stops any attempt of water to get through. To fulfil this objective, the boots are made to be rather extremely functional than extremely attractive. Still, you will find jelly rain boots with exclusive prints and other fashionable additions that will allow you to look elegant and stylish.

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Capelli New York Jelly Rain Boots are made of durable rubber that provides absolute resistance to water, allowing you to have always dry and warm feet. Rubber is a material that does not absorb liquid, comparing to textile and fabrics that absorb water, making your feet wet in rainy conditions. The connection between the shoe and the outsole is durably sealed, so no water can find its way through it. The outsole is also made of high-quality rubber, providing balance and stability to your feet and preventing them from slipping on wet surfaces. The insole is cosy and protects the sole of the foot, having a padded surface that cushions shock. When it comes to lining, comfort also takes the center stage. The lining of these boots is designed to provide maximum comfort for the feet and calf while walking. The upper part of the boot is made to allow easy adjustment to the size of the calf. You can adjust the needed size using the buckle and the gusset that are easy to handle and also serve as a fashionable accessory that adds to the aesthetics of the shoes. Thus you make sure that your calf will not get squeezed and trigger pain and discomfort while moving. But also you can prevent too much opening which can help water get in.

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The back pull loop will help you put the boots on and take them off easily. Besides delivering protection for your feet on rainy days, the jelly boots have also a beauty appeal that allows you to wear them not only in case of a rain emergency but on many other occasions. The boots boast a variety of stylish prints that can be matched with many outfits, including floral prints, leopards, circles, zig-zag, daisies, and marbles. A pair of boots with silver glitter and a floral pattern will be definitely a nice pick for an autumn stroll.

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