If you are thinking of getting pregnant, the first and foremost step should be to have a talk with your partner and decide are you mutually ready to take this step or not.  If yes, book and appointment with your OB/GYN immediately for preconception consultation (a period prior to pregnancy). If not, wait till you both are at same level and then go for it.

Once the visit has been made, it is a time to make some changes in your lifestyle to reduce the chances of any problem that might occur while you are trying to conceive.  Along with the lifestyle changes, there are multivitamins that should be taken to ensure that the pregnancy turns out to be smooth and there is no harm to you and your baby. 

There are various things to be taken care of and some might go for it spontaneously, it is always better to prepare a little before leaping to the decision. Read more to know in detail about lifestyle changes, fertility, vitamins, consultations and much more.  This blog would guide you step by step to make you satisfied and content that you know all and are ready for the life changing decision.