Stearns Puddle Jumper Jacket: Details & Review

Stearns Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket Review

Life jackets are extremely important for little ones while they are learning to swim. When children are very young they do not have the ability to swim without being properly taught. Before a child is taught how to swim and keep themselves afloat by treading water, a life jacket should be worn at all times in water. This is a very important safety measure.  The Capelli rain boots are perfect to bring your child towards the swimming pool. The rubber grip ensures that they don’t slip on the slippery tiles, which could end up hurting them pretty badly. The jacket features a durable nylon shell constructed of high quality nylon for daily use. The jacket also features an adjustable buckle that allows custom fit to snuggly fit any child weighing from 30-50 pounds. The jacket is certified by the US Coast Guard for effectiveness. The Puddle Jumper Jacket has a bright and colorful pattern with multiple kid-friendly sea animals featured on the front. This is the perfect way to introduce your child to the water. The jacket is easy to snap on and off for continued use. When children are first learning how to swim, they must feel comfortable enough to get into the water. When wearing a life jacket, children are kept safe and can rely upon the jacket in the event they are not yet ready to swim. Wemoms Suggest: Which Gears are Best for Babies and Toddlers?
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As previously mentioned, the life jacket is certified by the US Coast Guard. This is very important as many life jackets on the market do not have this certification. In the event the jacket is needed to keep your child afloat, they will be safe and secure. The jacket is best for children 50 pounds and under. The material is sturdy and easy to clean when needed. The snap closure makes it easy to remove and put on your child. The jacket features small arm holes for your child to receive coverage on both their arms as well as chest. This provides another level of protection as they are in the water. By ensuring both their arms and chest are covered, they are improving their ability to float. This is a perfect introduction for helping them swim later on. understands the importance of helping children grow and develop into healthy and happy adults. This process starts during their childhood and adolescent years. Therefore in order to ensure proper development, moms and dads must care for their children in all their needs and endeavors. Helping children to feel safe and comfortable in new situations is the goal of all parents. Swimming and exposure to water can often be a fear amongst many children, however with the right tools and gear, it can be fun and enjoyable. Many children learn to love the pool and lake. The Puddle Jumper life jacket ensures your child will be safe and secure while enjoying their time in the water. You should also check out the InStep bicycle trailer which is really good for your child and it makes it easy to travel with them on shorter journeys, without having to take the car out.

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