If your child falls into the category of 12-36 months old, you are humbly welcome to the realm of toddlerhood.  Beware, it is not easy and has its fair share of challenges, but this is also the phase where your child is curious beyond your expectations and wants to explore the world around him/her.

This phase is markedly characterized by language development and cognition. Other skills such as motor and physical are not very much exercised in this period as the language, reasoning and cognition.  The child is curious and wants to understand the mechanism behind things.  They are slowly realizing their autonomy and are not afraid to use it. They play with words, starts to speak one to two words and soon you will realize that they can make coherent simple sentences on their own. 

It is very important to design activities and stuff for them so that they could achieve all the milestones of this period easily and smoothly. Thus, by keeping all this in mind, we bring forward this section which targets all the aspects of toddlerhood from their wardrobe to learning/educational toys to gifts, it encompasses everything along with tips and guidelines to make this journey beautiful.