Toddler Potty Training

The leap from diapers to using the toilet independently is a huge milestone. It makes your child more independent and confident and gives them a feeling of autonomy. Most children start the transition from getting out of diapers to toilet at about 20-30 months of age.  However, it should be noted that each child is unique so there is no hard and fast period to follow. Some could achieve this transition at the end of 20 months while others may struggle till the age of 4.

The two words that are required in the whole process is patience and consistency. It is important to see and analyze that whether your child is ready for the leap or not. If yes, invest your time towards this and you shall achieve it in few days. If not, give them space and try to indulge them in the activities that inspire them to be diaper free.

Nevertheless, it is not an easy task so gather yourself for whole lot of tantrums, crying and what not. 

This blog could not guarantee that the shift will be smooth, but it can, and it is promising you that the change would be guided with appropriate practice, affirmations and tips.  Read more on how to know that your child is ready, tips and what is the way of doing it.