Top 10 Split Screen Baby Monitor Reviews

Split-screen baby monitors have become a popular choice among parents. These devices are designed to help parents to monitor more than one baby. Now, these monitors are technically developed and well-equipped to meet the unique demands of parents. If you are a new parent, you would certainly like to buy the best split screen baby monitor to get a lasting and effective result.

You might find it confusing to choose the best split screen baby monitor with dual audio due to the availability of many options. We will try to make it easier for you. We will not only help you to buy the best baby video monitor, but we will also discuss the key features to help you to decide with a well-informed mind.

Things to Consider

You will have to research on the camera, battery life, display, coverage, and reliability before deciding on one. Here are the details.

Battery Life

Durable battery life is the first requirement. If the battery does not last long, you might need to recharge it more frequently even in the middle of the night. It might stop working when you need the monitor most. You can avoid frequent recharging by choosing one with a lasting battery life.


The camera is another determining factor. A split-screen baby monitor is considered best even if you have two babies. It comes with two cameras. Some models feature four cameras. You can decide depending on your requirements. If you have more than one baby, you go with four cameras. You might need to spend more on four cameras.


The price will be the key determining factor. When the budget is limited, you might not get the best product. The result is obvious. It will not last long and you will have to replace it with a new one that is going to affect your end cost. So, you can go with a reliable monitor to use for a long without a replacement.


You will need a large display for a split-screen monitor. As the screen will be divided, it will not be easier to get a clear view without a large screen.

Temperature Indicator

Some monitors are designed to display the temperature of your baby’s room. It can help parents to know the temperature is favorable for their babies or not.

Picture Quality

Both the LCD screen and camera screen will have a role to decide the picture quality. Make sure that the LCD screen has a better resolution to get quality pictures. It is important especially when you want to record some cute moments. Even if you buy a large display, the picture quality might be compromised. So, research on the picture quality and go through the customer reviews before buying one.

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You should always invest in a durable product. While buying baby products, choose a reliable and popular brand. A popular brand will not compromise the quality and functionality of the product.


The range of coverage is important if you live in a large house. Know the exact distance it covers. However, you will not need a great range if your living space is small.

These features make a split-screen baby monitor worth buying. Now you can go through the following top ten split screen baby monitor reviews. All these products are added to the list after thorough research.

1. LBtech Two Cameras Video Baby Monitor

LBtech Two Cameras Video Baby Monitor can be perfect for new parents. They can constantly monitor their babies. It features two cameras paired with the monitor. However, LBtech can support four cameras. But you will have to choose cameras with the same configuration. Two cameras come with 360-degree rotation to enable you to view the movement of your baby. The zoom-in feature will allow parents to get a clear and better view of their little ones. It has voice activation auto-wakes which means you can sleep peacefully and get up when your baby cries. Some other features are a two-way walk, automatic night vision, and temperature monitoring.

Things We Like
  • Easy to operate and set up
  • 360-degree rotation to view baby’s movements
  • Multi-camera expandability
  • Temperature monitoring
  • 2X zoom-in for better clarity
Things We Don't Like
  • Additional cameras need to be of the same configuration
  • The voice activation does not work all the time

2. Video Baby Split Screen Moonybaby Monitor

You can expect all the advanced features in Video Baby Split Screen Moonybaby Monitor. The screen size of this monitor is 4.3 and the viewing angle is 170-degree. This monitor will enable you to view 2 rooms simultaneously. It can be perfect if you have two kids. You can monitor the activities of both at a time. Besides, it comes with a wide-angle lens and temperature monitoring. Parents can change the angle of the camera from the monitor. Some other features are recorded lullabies, night light, and automatic night vision. There is two-way communication that will enable you to communicate with your baby.

Things We Like
  • Wireless set up and two-way communication
  • You can view two rooms at a time
  • You can tilt, pan, and zoom remotely
  • Temperature monitoring
Things We Don't Like
  • Cannot support more than two cameras

3. Motorola Video Baby Monitor with HD Cameras

If you are looking for a baby monitor with HD cameras, Motorola Video Baby Monitor is designed for you only. These cameras offer HD quality recording, a broad-angle view, and infrared night vision. It comes with tons of safety features to protect your kid. There are temperature sensors and sound sensors. The remote controlling feature will enable you to adjust your camera angle from your monitor. Besides, it comes with two-way communication to facilitate communication between you and your baby.

Things We Like
  • Full room coverage with two HD cameras
  • 5″ LCD color screen display
  • Captures sound & temperature
  • Two-way communication & infrared night vision
Things We Don't Like
  • Limited battery life

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4. Moonybaby Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

Moonybaby Video Baby Monitor is one of the best selling split-screen video baby monitors. This set comes with two cameras paired with the monitor itself. The setting is super easy. All you need to do is to hit the view button to make your monitor start operating. This camera is preferred to record both during the day and night time. The night vision will support night time recording. Besides, it features five pre-recorded lullabies that will make your baby sleep in no time. Though it comes with only two cameras, you can use additional cameras up to four cameras. Cameras come with a built-in microphone that will support two-way communication. You can communicate with your baby whenever you want. The battery can last up to eight hours with power-saving mode.

Things We Like
  • Five pre-recorded lullabies
  • Supports up to four cameras
  • Built-in microphone to ensure two-way communication
  • Durable battery life
Things We Don't Like
  • Not helpful for multiple babies
  • Produces sound while charging

5. Babysense Video Baby Monitor

We find Babysense Video Baby Monitor worth buying since it comes with interchangeable cameras to offer better viewing. It has a 3.5-inch screen and two cameras. The screen size is perfect for two cameras. The two-way communication will enable you to talk to your baby and calm your little one with your soothing voice. The cameras are capable of record for 24/7 continuously. Besides, it has 360-degree rotation and you can also tilt your camera to 90 degrees to view your baby’s room. The camera will monitor your baby from a long-range, 960ft in open areas. Also, the camera features white noise and pre-recorded lullabies to support your kid’s sleep.

Things We Like
  • Interchangeable cameras with a wide-angle lens
  • Durable battery life
  • Long-range coverage up to 960ft
  • Cutting-edge Auto Infrared Night Vision
Things We Don't Like
  • The camera power cord is short
  • Eco mode is not always available

6. DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor

DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor is one of the best split-screen baby monitors. It can support up to five cameras. All the above-mentioned monitors support only four cameras to the maximum. Besides, DBPOWER can display the live feed from all the cameras at a time. However, the screen size is 3.4 and the screen resolution is 640*480P Resolution. The monitor has a smart video recording mode that will enable parents to record all the cute moments. Also, it features a sound-triggered DVR function to ensure that all the moments will be monitored by parents. It can switch to day or night mode automatically by detecting the light condition.

Things We Like
  • Built-in microphone to offer two-way communication
  • Easy to operate for first-time parents
  • Digital video recording function
  • Supports up to five cameras
  • Automatically switches to day or night mode
Things We Don't Like
  • Volume is too loud
  • Ultra brightness

7. MoonyBaby Baby Monitor with Split Screen

You can go with MoonyBaby Baby Monitor with Split Screen if you have more than one baby. It comes with two cameras and you can get the live video of them at a time. These cameras come with wide angles to cover the entire room. Also, you can get a single camera or split-screen view depending on your needs. You can simply press the button to enter the split-screen and can use arrow keys to select a camera to hear the voice. It can cover a long range of up to 1,000ft. It features high sensitive sensors that enable your camera to switch to night or day mode automatically.

Things We Like
  • A long-range coverage
  • Room temperature monitoring
  • Five built-in lullabies
  • Wide-angle and zoom-in
Things We Don't Like
  • Audio plays for one camera only

8. Video Baby Monitor E9650-P with Remote-Controlled Camera

Video Baby Monitor with Remote-Controlled Camera comes with expandable four cameras. Also, the monitor is well-equipped with a microphone and loudspeaker. It allows two-way communication. The screen size is 4.3 inches and it comes with high resolution to offer quality images. You can view one or all the four cameras at a time. However, you will have to buy separate cameras as the device is paired with two cameras. With this monitor, you will get real-time video and audio. Also, you will get a special alert when your little one will start crying.

Things We Like
  • Night vision technology
  • Two-way communication
  • Room temperature display
  • Large screen and high resolution
Things We Don't Like
  • Poor battery life

9. Summer Infant Extra Camera for Dual View

Summer Infant Monitor is designed for your infants. Therefore, you can expect all the improved features to make your monitoring real and safe. As it has two-way communication, you can talk to your baby and make your little one feel your presence when he/she needs it most. The key benefit of this monitor is the price. Yes, it is super affordable and can easily fit your budget. You can use this monitor for multiple rooms by adding four cameras total. Besides, there are video auto-scan and 8-second audio features to enable parents to keep an eye on their kids.

Things We Like
  • Can accommodate four cameras
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom options are excellent
  • The range is good and can cover a large area up to 1800 sq ft
  • Durable battery life
Things We Don't Like
  • No beep notification for low battery
  • No beep notification for signal loss

10. Motorola Comfort 50-2 Video Baby Monitor

Motorola Comfort 50-2 Video Baby Monitor features a 5 inch LCD monitor, five lullabies, and wireless technologies. As the monitor is paired with the camera, you can simply plugin to operate your monitor. It covers over 1000ft and comes with a low battery alert. You will love the excellent video quality. Besides, it comes with a manual that will help you to troubleshoot any problems. Some other features are two-way communications and infrared night visions.

Things We Like
  • Large LCD monitor
  • Long-range up to 1000ft
  • Low battery alerts
  • Easy to use & two-way communication
Things We Don't Like
  • Poor connection


Split-screen monitors can be best when you have more than one baby. These monitors are designed to enable parents to stay connected with their babies all the time. You can connect with more than one baby at a time. All the above products are highly appreciated by parents. You can choose any of them depending on your needs. However, you will have to ensure that the image quality is good and the display is fairly large. You will find both these qualities at their best in Motorola Video Baby Monitor with HD Cameras.

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